Redefining Energy is an award-winning podcast, where Gerard Reid and Laurent Segalen debate how the world of Energy is being radically redefined through Tech Innovations, Finance, Markets, Regulations and Digitisation.

The weekly show consists in 2 episodes a month of interviews (30mns) and 2 episodes a month of MINUTES (10mns), a freewheeling dialog between the co-hosts on the latest topics or news.

In 2023, we have also expanded with Redefining Energy TECH, a series of long from conversations (with Michael Barnard as host).

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Redefining Energy - Tech, a channel of the award-winning Redefining Energy podcast, features deep and broad conversations between global decarbonization leaders and technologists and host Michael Barnard. His informed perspectives on energy, industry and transportation enable Michael to have intense conversations with brilliant and knowledgeable people. You'll be informed, stimulated and amused.

Gerard Reid

Gerard Reid is an Irish Investment Banker and a leading authority on the changes going on across the worlds of energy and mobility. He is a founding partner of Alexa Capital, which delivers corporate advisory, financing, and asset management solutions across the energy, energy infrastructure, mobility, and energy technology sectors. He is also a member of the Global Future Council on Advanced Energy Technologies at the World Economic Forum. Gerard has spent over 15 years working in investment banking (equity research, fund management and corporate finance) and has taught in various universities across the world.

Laurent Segalen

Laurent Segalen is a franco-british clean energy investment banker. He is the founder of Megawatt-X, the London-based Energy transition meta-platform, which he currently heads. Megawatt-X has listed more than 15GW of Wind and Solar transactions over the past 8 years. Between 2019 and 2022, Laurent Segalen was Board Member of the PPA digital platform Zeigo, successfully sold to Schneider Electric.

His career in Clean Energy spans over 25 years, from Director at PWC, Fund Manager at Natixis/Mirova to Managing Director Clean Commodities at Lehman Brothers then Nomura. He was awarded Environmental Deal of the Year 2006 by Environmental Finance. While trading carbon, he was one of the co-authors of "scope 1, scope 2, scope 3" emissions concept and helped create the ETS. He is now special adviser to the Board of ICVCM.

Michael Barnard


Michael Barnard spends his time projecting scenarios for decarbonization 40-80 years into the future, and assisting executives, Boards and investors to pick wisely today. Whether it's refueling aviation, grid storage, vehicle-to-grid, or hydrogen demand, his work is based on fundamentals of physics, economics and human nature, and informed by the decarbonization requirements and innovations of multiple domains. His leadership positions in North America, Asia and Latin America enhanced his global point of view. He publishes regularly in multiple outlets on innovation, business, technology and policy.